Atherosclerosis is narrowing and hardening of the arteries due to a buildup of plaque. This issue could not be considered trivial because it could cause a heart attack if the buildup of plaque occurs in the blood vessels of the heart.

Cardiovascular Consultants of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital Jakarta, Dr. Eka Ginanjar, SpPD explains, the formation of hardened plaque is caused by stacked of fat and other substances in blood vessel walls over the years.

Thus, whether the plate can be removed? “Until now there has not been a single method that can remove plaque so that plate is reduced in the blood vessels,”

Although some clinics already offer this therapy, in fact, acting therapy remains controversial and has not been recognized internationally.

So far there is no food, drink, nor drugs, recommended to remove plaque. “A lot of patients who’ve been drinking all sorts of for plaque can still be subject to a heart attack. That’s because is still there, ”

The existence of a narrowing of the arteries can be known through angiography examination. If it is known there is narrowing, the doctor will perform the installation method stent or ring to dilate the blood vessel again.

Also, bypass surgery can also be done if blood vessels are narrowed quite a lot. His goal was to prevent the occurrence of heart attacks.

According to the plaque buildup in the Eka, blood vessels can only be prevented. Prevention is by avoiding the occurrence of atherosclerosis risk factors, like smoking, fatty, lots of food consumption and lack of exercise. global streaming online

Risk factors that cannot be prevented is merely a factor of increasing age. If it is aged over 50 years, then had a hobby of smoking and high cholesterol levels, the risk of plaque buildup accelerating higher. This can cause a blockage of the blood vessels of the heart and are in danger of death.

Consumy healthy foods that can improve the body’s metabolism, i.e., with many eating vegetables and fruit. The consumption of healthy foods could hinder or stop the process of plaque buildup. If applying a healthy lifestyle from a young, little more atherosclerosis risk.


Coronary heart disease is not just a disease of the parent. They at a young age was exposed to risk any cardiovascular disease.

Consultant Cardiovascular of Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital Jakarta, Dr. Eka Ginanjar, SpPD recounts, never found heart coronary patients aged 28 years. The man had previously been active playing futsal three times a week.

However, a month later he no longer follows the powerful game of futsal and often feels exhausted. While undergoing tests on a treadmill, such active young man has a heart problem. He also has levels of Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) or high cholesterol, i.e. 180 mg/dl and triglycerides or fat in the blood reach 400 mg/dl.

“After the review, it turns out that there’s been a blockage in the blood vessels. Finally have to place a ring on the blood vessels, “said Eka in a talk show Prodia” Pulsed Until old age “in Jakarta, Saturday (21/5/2016).

Eka reveals, the young man turned out to have some families with a history of high cholesterol levels and heart attack early. “His uncle died age of 40 of a heart attack,” continued the doctor greeted a familiar EKG.

Keep in mind, too, even though it has diligently exercised, not necessarily free of heart disease. Healthy eating patterns are also noteworthy. Eka has also found heart patients 18 years of age. The teen also had a family history of risk factors.

The typical heart attack symptoms include pain in the chest, radiating to the arms, the sense of tightness and suffocated. The emergence of heart attacks it because there is a blockage in the blood vessels of the heart due to the presence of stacked

If the blockage stops the blood flow to the heart, can attack up to sudden death. Eka reminds the importance of maintaining healthy life patterns.

Also, it’s also important for routine health check early on. Especially if they have risk factors such as family history, smoking, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. “Screening is important, cheaper than the illness,”


Fasting month stay two weeks; it seemed appropriate to start discussing the style of hijab to wear during fasting and feasts.

Not just the fabric, the hijab has become the essence of so many Muslim fashions worn in everyday life.

However, in this modern era, Indonesia Muslim woman sued for not just at home, but also to work, activity, and attending formal occasions. indosiar online

Then, how can I choose hijab appropriate?

According to Tia Wingate, Board of Commissioners of PT Truewear Asa links that focus in the field of clothing under the brand name L’Tru and veil hijab, ma.na; there are three things to look for on the hood.

“There are three things in the veil, the first is the type of material, (both) color, and a third, usage or style and condition of use,” explains Tia at Will’s Kitchen, Veranda Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (19/5/2016).

The third component determines what categories this is hijab, is perfect for relaxing at home, official events, or work.

So, for example, to the Office, we recommend that you choose the hijab which is not too shiny.

“Because it’s not likely we to the Office with a veil that bling-bling, we have professional looking,” he added.

Instead, the shiny or striking Veil with Crystal, suitable for official events like the glamorous party.

He also added, “for example, I simply replace the material, for example, the sweatshirts. So, I don’t feel awkward, but their needs are met. “


Do you know why Leonardo DiCaprio has a successful career and extraordinary wealth? It could be, it’s because the Oscar-winning actors know how to appease his mother, Irmelin Indenbirken.

An anonymous source reported it to Page Six that DiCaprio recently bought a Chanel bag on a charitable auction Heart Fund’s Generous People Dinner Gala in New York, USA.

Unmitigated, DiCaprio bid with the highest price, i.e. the 18,000 us dollars or equivalent to Rp 242 million.

Many people predict that the bags would be given to one of DiCaprio’s lover. However, the allegation was wrong.

Reportedly, DiCaprio bought an expensive handbag that is just for his mother.

Bag selection of DiCaprio that silver coloured and made of snakeskin.

Last year, the main character in the film this Revenant also bid a high price for a Chanel bag, which was also given to his mother.

DiCaprio even beat out Paris Hilton’s bid to bag.


Architectural Bureau MVRDV using pioneering glass technology to replace the brick facade of a former home in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with a transparent. This design was used for the utilization of the new building to the Chanel boutique.

The facade of this innovative use of glass brick, window frame and form the foil frame ornament of doors and Windows to create the traditional architectural style of the city.

Glass block is mounted with a high-strength transparent glue. According to this construction, MVRDV in many ways, stronger than concrete, as proven during the process of testing. sctv streaming

Upstairs, towards the glass elements blend with original terracotta bricks to create the illusion of a wall.

The architect believes this technology offers solutions for any loss of local character in city centers all over the world. Because many of the buildings, which are now dominated by plain glass.

“We tell clients, ‘ Let’s bring back what would be dismantled but develop it further,” said Winy Maas, one of the three founders of MVRDV.

Maas added Home Crystal creates the space store that is already extraordinary fame, respect the environment and bring the structure of poetic innovation in the construction of glass.

This allows global brands Chanel combines the great desire for transparency with the local culture, as well as combining modernity with the legacy work.

“Thus, this technology can be applied everywhere in historic centers,” said Maas.

Crystal House, now a Chanel boutique outlets, located in a distinctive PC. This place is a former residential street that became a hub for luxury fashion brands such as Prada, Dior, and Rolex.

Many of the buildings on this street have lost its original architectural elements. MVRDV doesn’t want to do the same.

After developing the concept, MVRDV is working with a specialist to develop the technology.

Researchers from the Delft University of Technology in partnership with the engineering company ABT and contractors Wessels Zeist to test the structural fabrication and design solutions.

A team of glassmakers Poesia in Venice made of solid glass brick, while the company Delo Germany Industrial Adhesives provide high glue magnitude.

High-tech laser and ultraviolet lights checking laboratory are required in the manufacturing process. Uniquely, the material is also used for milk, because of its low transparency useful when leveling.

“Six to 10 experts to work every day for a year at the venue,” said MVRDV.

The company saw a crystal as a starting point for a new concept of the future of glass in construction.

One of the main advantages is this material can be recycled. During installation, some of the bricks that are not entirely melted and reprinted. In fact, the entire facade can also be reformed in the future.

MVRDV was founded in 1993 by Maas, together with Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries. The Bureau is likely to use a lot of glass in architectural works.


Hollywood artist Tom Cruise seems to be leaving Los Angeles (LA), United States.

After selling her home in the Hollywood Hills to Eva Longoria late last year, Tom Cruise will be parting with the property both in LA.

Covering an area of 929 square meters of houses belonging to the actor who starred in Mission Impossible it, sold to billionaire Leon Black’s worth 40 million us dollars (Rp 533.3 billion).

Black himself has a total wealth of 4.7 billion us dollars (USD 62.6 trillion) and a private equity firm.

Although Leon bought the House about 5 million u.s. Dollars less than the asking price, Tom still doubled the advantage.

The reason, he bought the home in 2007 for 32.5 million us dollars (USD 433.3 billion).

This property has a history of sentimental, remembering Tom bought this home with Katie Holmes when they were newly married.

There are seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms in them. Its facilities include a tennis court, playground, and swimming pool.

This property also provides a home for the staff.
Meanwhile, Tom is now 53 years old, still a mainstay of Hollywood movies.

This handsome man even has produced more than 680 million us dollars (USD 9.1 trillion) from the box office around the world.

This time, Tom began to reduce its property assets. In 2013, he sold condominiums on the 10th floor in the building of the American Felt in the area of the East Village of New York City for 3 million us dollars (USD 40 billion).

While in September 2015, he was also secretly selling a home in the Hollywood Hills valued at 11.4 million us dollars ($ 152 billion) to telenovela star Eva Longoria.

As for its properties in Telluride, Colorado with an area of 298 acres or 1.2 square kilometers remain in the real estate market with a 59 million dollar value ($ 786 billion).


Kanye West bluntly the sex life matter. On the show Ellen DeGeneres, 38 men this year saying no objections have had no more children as long as it can continue to “practice”.

When Ellen asked if he wanted to have a baby again, Kanye responded “maybe” before adding, “Let’s see what happens. I am not anything if just practice sex. ”

Kanye and Kim is currently already have a child two years old named North and a baby of five months. Kim admitted he has not previously wanted to have more children, but Kanye would like to add to the family members.

Kim said, “I don’t want to. I focus on two children and happy with life as it is. But Kanye mentions wanting to have kids again every day. ”

While pregnant, Kim had suffered health problems. “It would be very dangers if I get pregnant again,” he said.

Placenta accreta, Kim suffered a life-threatening disease. This condition causes the placenta attaches not normally on the wall of the uterus and the doctor advised him not get pregnant again. rcti streaming online

A source previously said, “the plan they currently had no more children and Kim is not a problem with that. Doctors recommend that children have more potential danger. The fact that she had had two children makes her happy. North and center of the Saint is the baby universe Kim and Kanye. ”

“Kim experienced childbirth difficult, due to the placenta,” the source.


The Who (11 months), baby boy in China, was born with a tail of 15 centimeters (cm). The growth of the meat lengthwise between The butt this is a rare congenital disorder. Any family called him “little monkeys.”

As quoted from people’s China Daily, doctors suspect that growth occurs due to the vertebra is not perfect since it was formed in the womb. This is because the neural tube defect or condition spina bifida.

The condition that causes the membranes that protect the spinal cord broke through a hole in her back bone. After that, growth or meningocele stood the meat lengthwise like a tail.

The mother says. Initially there is no problem with growth like the tail of it. He can change A diaper as usual. He refused his son was operated on to remove the tail.

Meanwhile, the grandmother who thought, having a tail is a blessing, and perhaps that will get a lot of money.

However, gradually, his mother noticed something went wrong with That. It was such a cute baby does not have the power to WAST like other babies. The mother began to fear there is nothing wrong with That.

The family eventually approves the actions of The tail operation. However, a team of doctors from the Southwest Hospital must wait for That old enough to undergo surgery.

The doctor who led the opera, Lim Jiangkai, suspects spinal growth that is not perfect it because her motherless intake of folic acid during pregnancy.

This month, eventually undergoing surgery. The surgery went successfully. According to Lim, Who will have problems on its feet if the action was not immediately carried out?

That was not the first to experience this. Earlier there were Arshid Ali Khan (13) of India, who was born with a tail of all 18 cm. The experts believe, Arshad also experiences nerve tube defect.

Arshid was not capable of running so had to sit in a wheelchair. Last year, doctors at Fortis Hospital, Mohali in India had operated on the growth of the tail of it. The operation was expected to be able to help better Arshid moving at a later date.


Mayo diet isn’t a success comes from how the diet program created by its discoverer. However, the fact that a successful mayo diet starting from how the people running these diet programs can seriously and have a commitment to running a feeding program to complete mayo. Mayo diet could be said to be one of the ways a quick diet dream by many people, especially the women. What is the diet of the mayo? Mayo diet is a diet without eating salt for a full 13 days without lose. If you fail to do or Holey commitment not to consume salt for 13 days, the consequence is you have the mayo diet run failed and must be repeated from the beginning again. Even once, isn’t it? Therefore, the perfection and success diet mayo 13th full day dive depends on on how people are running diet can have consistent and mayo seriousness to run it. Then how do I run the mayo diet success?

Ini Dia Rahasia Diet Mayo Sukses Selama 2 Minggu

Mayo diet is a Healthy Diet and Natural Way
Currently, Mayo diet program is currently a trend, especially among women. How does a diet program, created by one of the famous United States health website offer weight will go down in a sufficient amount of lots in just over two weeks and only in a simple manner. Knowing that fact usually, the women will immediately strip and wanted to try to go on a diet of mayo. As already discussed in the last paragraph before, while doing Your mayo diet are not allowed to consume salt in the slightest for 13 days, or about two weeks.

You need to know that this is not the type of the mayo diet diet diet program or seasonal performed only occasionally. Mayo diet is indeed designed to be done whenever a lifetime. Therefore, the diet program mayo will make your body more ideal, more healthy and will stay in shape. Mayo diet is a healthy diet and natural and can get you helped and to avoid a risks-the risk of developing various types of diseases. Mayo diet success diet is by balancing between the activities of the exercise and consume different types of healthy foods. There are many advantages that you can get by doing diet mayo. sandra dewi

Also, you can get an ideal fit with the body you’ve always wanted. Diet-Mayo success can make your body more successful and to avoid the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart, high blood pressure, insomnia or what. The positive effect of this is what makes Mayo diet a lot was chosen because, in addition to being fast, the Mayo diet is also considered as a diet that’s easy and engrossing as well. Also, while undergoing diet mayo, you can more freely determine their base and what type of food you consume that will be and how will you consume portions each day. And if you go on a diet of mayo on a regular basis, your body will be healthier, and you will be more accustomed to living a healthy lifestyle that will prevent You from a variety of health disorders risk.


The location of the human heart is on the left side of the chest cavity, and it indeed is already known to people in General. But did you know that it turns out there is a condition that can make one’s heart lies in the right? Yes, a condition called dextrocardia when heart precisely in the right chest cavity. The condition is congenital abnormalities or judged as congenital anomalies. The migration of a heart organ of the left chest cavity to the right side of the chest cavity, this can be caused by many things, including natural causes caused by factors outside of janting. For example, there may be immediate large tumors of the heart so that the position of the heart is leaning more to the right. Lung disorders also can make the heart his position moved to the right of the chest cavity. But not this dextrocardia abnormality we discussed. This time, we will discuss further on what that heart, lies the heart of man and all things of the heart that must be known by everyone so that everyone can keep the heart and more dear to the heart of his own.

Mengetahui Letak Jantung Manusia Serta Fungsi Bagian-Bagiannya

Various things About the heart that you need to know
Before let us know first what it is and why the human heart requires the heart to stay alive. The heart is one of the very important human organs for humans. Your heart is muscular body cavity that serves to pump blood through the blood vessels by repeated, rhythmic and time. In the world of medical terms related to the heart are usually referred to by the term catheterisation. Cardiac itself is derived from the word Greece, namely the cardia which means heart. Why is the heart paramount to keep making human life? This is because the heart’s role is critical for human blood circulation, in which men are also three could live without having the blood.

As already discussed at the beginning of the paragraph above, the location of the human heart is in the left chest cavity. Location of the heart and lung of contiguous, the heart is located between the lungs of left and right. In general, the heart weighs about 300 grams. And if you want to know how big the size of the heart in the left chest cavity You, big heart You are of Your fist. It was he who made the heart size of one person and the other different languages different. Humans need blood flowing throughout her body to stay alive because the blood is also very necessary to live. Therefore, the location of the human heart is of course very meaningful existence because the heart blood so the blood can flow to the rest of the body through the blood vessels. Then when the blood circulation is compromised, it could make a person sick heart.

The location of the human heart in the chest cavity is almost entirely encircled by the lungs, both of the left lung and the right lung. The organ the heart closed by a double membrane called the pericardium where the layer attached to the diaphragm. The pericardium membrane has two layers. The first layer is connected very carefully with heart while for the second layer on the outside of its nature is looser and more watery. The function of the second layer of this loser was for the heart to avoid friction that may occur when the heart of the Middle movements continuous pumping.