The Nightmare of Jet Lag

Business travel is tiring even for relatively short trips. The work of moving through airports, dealing with delays, handing your baggage, finding transportation at your destination city and getting to the meeting are a much greater stress than you ordinarily go through doing business at home. But when you add the problems introduced by jet lag, you face physical distress that can almost feel like you are becoming ill as your body reacts to the long distance travel.

So it’s a good idea to have some techniques ready to use to prevent jet lag when you are traveling overseas or across several time zones. Yes, you can get jet lag just traveling from the east to west coast domestically. Jet lag comes from the change in time zones and the adjustment your body has to make to deal with the new time cycles in that time zone.

We are not aware of it but our bodies are finely tuned to work at their best in the time zone of our homes. Our biological clocks are tuned to react to the time of day, the daylight and nighttime cycle, environmental factors and the magnetism of the local environment. We have an internal monitor that tells us when we should sleep or be active based on that internal clock.

When we travel to a new time zone, while our mind finds it peculiar that it is a new time of day that is out of sync with what we know, our bodies go through quite a dramatic adjustment to adjust to the new environment. That is why in a new time zone, you may not be able to sleep when it is 11 p.m. where you are because to your body, it may be the middle of the afternoon or the next morning.

The symptoms of jet lag are fatigue, lack of appetite, shortness of temper and even a feeling of mild nausea that comes from an internal system that has been thrown for a loop. So the best cure for jet lag is good preparation so you can ease into the change of location without too much anxiety. By reducing the effects of jet lag before they even happen, you make the potential that your business meetings will go well much more likely.

* Start adjusting in advance. If you can put yourself on the time frame of your destination a few days in advance, the jet lag won’t be as severe. Start adjusting your sleep times and when you take your meals even before the trip begins so you are already “living in that time zone” before you even make the trip.

* Keep a clean diet. Jet lag experts advise that you simplify your diet significantly for several days before the trip. Begin to reduce the amount of heavy foods, carbohydrates, sugars and fats in your diet and increase the level of fruits, vegetables and juices you consume. This will make your system more nimble and able to adjust to change.

* Give yourself time on the other end. Try to make arrangements to arrive a day before your meetings so you have time in your hotel room to rest and prepare for the business objectives to be achieved.

* Eliminate physical stress sources. During the stressful time, try to cut down on physical stresses such as drinking or extreme physical exercise so your body has more reserves to handle the jet lag symptoms. Wanna more listing? you can find at direktori bisnis Indonesia.

By thinking ahead about jet lag, you are taking the measures you need to take to eliminate a threat to the success of your business goals on this trip. So your work to take jet lag out of your business travel equation is just good business on your part and it will result in more success on the road for you and for your company.

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The Airplane as Your Office

Business travel very often involves long hours in flight to the city where your work will be done. For most business people, this is lost productivity time that can be torture if you cannot get work done in flight. How often have you said to yourself or to a coworker, “That’s all right, I will just work on that on the airplane.” That is a noble intent but circumstances inside an airplane cabin, especially in coach, can make the fulfillment of that commitment hard to accomplish.

Like anything else, if you are going to redeem the time while you are in the air, you should come prepared with an agenda of work you can get done in that setting and with your expectations well in check before you even check in. Let’s face it, the cabin of a domestic airplane is not designed for business productivity. You may have a myriad of distractions from crying babies to a talkative neighbor. The airline personnel have quite an agenda of items to interrupt your time with and then there is the turbulence and the narrow seats that dictate that whatever you are going to get done is going have to be done in a place of very little space availability.

To expect that you will have the seat next to you to spread out your work or that this will be the flight of perfect peace and quiet is to set yourself up for frustration and disappointment. So to be prepared to achieve some level of productivity on an airplane, be aware of these limitations and design your work so you can use that time within those constraints, not in spite of them.

A basic necessity to use to realize some level of concentration in flight is a good set of ear plugs or an earphone and an ipod. You can use that device to pipe music to your mind that can be conducive to concentration and thought. Now earphones sufficient to block out the kind of distractions you will encounter on an airplane will have to be pretty sophisticated. So don’t cut corners on this purchase. It will pay you back over and over as you use them to block out surface noise in airplane cabin.

The best way to walk off of that airplane with a sense of accomplishment is to set your goals before you board and make them goals you can attain. You cannot expect to be able to open up your laptop and work peacefully in coach. It is very possible you will be able to do that but you may find turbulence, an active population around you or other factors may make such work very difficult to do. So to be sure, prepare a project to work on using your laptop but don’t be disappointed if it turns out to be too difficult to attempt. And above all avoid having a deadline you have to hit using the time during your flight to make up for lost time on your deadlines. That will only make the flight frustrating and result in an angry and worn out business traveler.

The best form of work you can assign to yourself is analysis or reading. If you have a document or some documents to review, the confines of an airplane seat accommodate that work just fine. Business reading is easily the best form of work to do in flight. Using those head phones to block out the world, you can lay back with a book, a business magazine or a report and take your time to study it or read lengthy blocks of that material during a long flight. In a two to three hour flight, you can read entire chapters of a business book and come off the flight with a tremendous amount of food for thought to take into your businesses meetings at your destination.

It is possible to redeem the time in the air by accomplishing some solid work. But the key to getting success at that goal is to be realistic about what can be done in an airplane seat and tailoring your expectations and goals accordingly. If you do that, you will be happy with how you used the time and the flight will go by much more quickly as well.


Avoid 5 this mixture for coffee
Avoid 5 this mixture for coffee

Our favorite against coffee is not a bad thing. Many studies show the benefits of coffee for health for example improve memory, mood, and heart health, and even lowers the risk of diabetes.

The problem is sugar and all your usual flavor enhancer niikmati coffee joint, can ruin all the merits of coffee magic.

Not sure if you’ve ordered or serves coffee in a healthy way? Check out the five worst coffee additives. Plus, his successor who is healthy and can add to the awesomeness of the benefits of coffee.

Krimer’s non-dairy

Or non-dairy creamer. Often, the main ingredient of non-milk krimer maker is corn syrup and partially terhidrogenasi vegetable oil, which tastes like cream when tasted by your tongue.

Basically, the equivalent of corn syrup of sugar and empty calories, while a partial terhidrogenasi oil is simply a fancy way is just a fancy way to describe trans fat-a risky man-made cause blockage of the arteries, heart disease and diabetes.

If you like your coffee with krimer, choose krimer made of organic coconut milk as the main ingredient.

Artificial flavor enhancer

Taste of vanilla, hazelnut, or caramel. These flavorings, mostly made from pure cane sugar and artificial coloring. One ounce of syrup flavorings contain 19 grams of sugar and can cause a spike in blood glucose.

To replace these artificial flavorings, try adding some pure vanilla powder jumput, peppermint, peanut extract or pure (e.g. hazelnut or almond). These natural ingredients, sugar free, naturally and chances are you’ve memilikikinya on in your kitchen.

Artificial sweeteners

Sure, there are many artificial sweeteners on the market contains zero calories and does not cause blood sugar spikes soon as sugar desks.

However, several studies linking sugar-made made in this laboratory can cause the metabolism of glucose is impaired, it can cause addiction and increases the risk of diabetes.

They can also mess up the bacterial flora in the gut we, who played a major role in keeping the various functions of the body. Some experts believe likely stevia leaf extract a safer alternative.

Cane sugar

A little bit of regular sugar won’t hurt you, but if you drink a few cups of coffee per day, empty calories will pile up fast.

Only add 2 tsp of sugar for each cup of coffee, a maximum of three cups a day or the equivalent of about total 48 grams.

For an alternative to the more sehatganti sugar with cinnamon that has a natural sweet taste even though sugar-free. Studies show cinnamon may help reduce blood sugar spike.

Nonfat milk

Skim milk may not be terlaly “bad,” but research shows that things that are full of fat might be better. One new study found that people who regularly consumed milk full cream, consuming fewer carbohydrates during four years of research.

While those who drink milk with no or low fat, significantly mengonsumsilebih much carbohydrates. If the carbs you select is a type of simple carbohydrates such as white rice or flour, can cause weight gain.

In the second study, whole fat milk (full fat) was associated with a decreased risk of type-2 diabetes as much as 23 percent. So, please, can you drink coffee with a mix of regular milk or full cream are delicious origin not too excessive.


How to keep your eyes stay healthy
How to keep your eyes stay healthy

If you’ve never had vision problems, maybe you will not give much attention to the eyes. Also, you may not be aware of any changes that occur in the eye as we get older.

Age factor indeed could not have been prevented. However, damage to the eyes is not only caused by age. There are several other factors being the cause. Fortunately, preventative measures as simple as wearing sunglasses and eating vegetables can help protect your eyesight. manfaat daun binahong

The following is a list of 10 facts about that will help you protect the soul’s window to stay healthy in the years to come.

1. What do you feed your eye health is strongly influenced.

Eating well is the best way to care for your eyes, said Rebecca Taylor, M.D., ophthalmologist in Nashville Vision Associates in Tennessee, and spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

He also recommends dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale and brightly colored vegetables. Green leafy vegetables provide nutrients, lutein and zeaxanthin, which are proven to help reduce the risk of eye disease.

While vitamin A found in vegetables achieved yellow and bright orange like carrots and sweet potatoes. Also add fruits like strawberries, oranges, and mangos for adequacy of vitamin C and other antioxidants, which help fight useful eye diseases.

2. a comprehensive eye Examination.

It’s useful to know since the beginning if any vision problems. Do eye examinations on a regular basis is the only way to anticipate a variety of problems, such as glaucoma or eye disease due to diabetes.

Most people with vision problems should meet their eye doctor once a year to ensure their vision has not changed. Schedule the examination should be done:

Age 40 years: basic eye examination

Age 40-55: eye examination every two to four years

Age 55-64: eye examination every one to three years

Age 65 and above: eye examination every year

3. Smoke now can cause eye problems in later life.

When you smoke, the smoke from the cyanide got into the blood stream and can destroy the cells of the eye.

Cigarette smoking increases the risk of cataracts and dry eye. It also raises the risk of macular degeneration, destruction of the central part of the eye which is incurable, according to the Center for disease control and prevention (CDC) in the United States.

4. you can help preserve vision by protecting the eyes from sunlight.

Taylor recommends two protection for your eyes: sunscreen and sunglasses.

The skin around the eyes is the most skin is thin and vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation (UV). A wide variety of skin cancers, such as melanoma and Carcinoma, can form on the eyelids and the area around the eyes. This can cause major damage to the structure of the eye.

5. Stare at a computer all day can lead to dry eye.

This is partly because when we looked at something too close, our eyes not blinking, obviously, Taylor.

One of the symptoms of dry eyes are the most common are watery eyes, said Steven Loomis, OD, of Roxborough Park, Colorado, President of the American Optometric Association.

6. diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the United States.

The best way to avoid diabetes retinopati is to prevent diabetes. Almost all patients with type-1 diabetes, finally experience this condition. and about 60 percent for patients with type-2 diabetes.

7. After the age of 60, macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness.

Macular degeneration occurs when the tissues of the eye berdegenerasi pemglihatan, causing blurred or loss of vision in the center of the eye. There are two forms of macular degeneration: wet and dry.

If loss of vision caused by fluid in the retina, this condition can be treated with injections in the eye. Dry macular degeneration until there is currently no cure.

Risk factors for macular degeneration include family history, smoking, lack of lutein and zeaxanthin, and too much exposure to UV rays.

8. Cataract.

Cataract is something relatively normal along with the aging process and usually begin to appear around the age of 60 years. The symptoms are blurred vision, eyesight often becomes a glare, not or less could see clearly at night, and double vision.

Certain medications such as prednisone can also increase the risk of cataracts, said Loomis. The treatment of cataracts, which includes the replacement of the damaged eye lenses are good, usually with a very effective


Deddy Corbuzier
Deddy Corbuzier

Procedures for Doing Diet OCD Deddy Corbuzier To Successfully Lose Weight, Various diet program to lose weight now been implemented by many people who wish to go on a diet in order to get the ideal body shape but with an easy diet method. One of the main methods of diet is quite well known that OCD (Obsessive Corbuzier’s Diet) which is a diet method introduced by Deddy Corbuzier.

OCD diet this way was much in demand by many people, because it provides sufficient evidence maximum results. Many people who use the method of OCD and provide recognition (testimony) that they get the maximum diet. Of course, if you are interested and want to seriously lose weight, you can use one of the main methods OCD-style diet is a diet this Corbuzier Dedy.

There is a rather striking differences of diet OCD when compared to the usual diet. Diet introduced by Deddy Corbuzier This allows you can eat within a certain time period a bit different from the usual diet methods that reduce the portion of food and also limits the type of food consumed.

Where actual OCD diet was discovered by Deddy Corbuzier? Diet OCD is a method inspired from someone who comes from hongkong who is a driver. The driver has a stocky body and fit despite being at the age of 72 years but looks like a new person 40s. The driver was a former worker at the Shaolin monks, and he finally tells his secret until it was in use in the famous OCD diet now.

In OCD diet there is the term used is “eating window”. What is the window to eat? Window eating is setting a certain time period where a person who uses methods OCD diet can eat a diet of any kind, but if the window is already finished eating then followed by fasting, but still allowed to consume drinks without calories like putih.air mineral water, unsweetened tea, coffee bitter and beverages that contain more calories.

When applied, the window is done eating at odd hours during the day, such as dimuali at 11, 12, 1, 2, and so on. Because if you use the method OCD diet is not advisable to eat breakfast in the morning because, according to Deddy can impede the process when the calorie burning in the body.

How To Make Diet OCD
If you want to use this method OCD diet in order to successfully lose weight body, you would need to know how the theory should be taken when doing this OCD diet, to be practiced properly. Listen ordinances dieting OCD below!

1.) Eat Free Time 8 Hours and 16 Hours Fasting
In the first method, you can use the free time of 8 hours to consume any foods (in reasonable amounts), and after 8 hours and then followed by fasting to eat, but you are still allowed to drink that has no calories. Example: You start a diet OCD at 1 pm, then you are free to consume food until 9pm and after that time to fast from food. And so on.

At first the food window method is very suitable to be applied for the beginner within 1 to 2 weeks for the body to be able to adjust to this diet method, and then you can get in on the level of the window next meal.

2.) Eat Free Time 6 Hours and 18 Hours Fasting
The second method of eating this window you are free to consume food in a 6 hour period and the rest of the time is used to eat fast as exemplified in the method pertama.Contoh: You start a diet OCD when 1pm then you are free to consume food until 7pm and watu remainder will be used for fast meals.


How to Use Yam Mask for Acne Prone Skin
How to Use Yam Mask for Acne Prone Skin

Who does not know yam? White-fleshed fruit fresh taste and is often a main ingredient salad. In addition to fresh, yam is known for its effect, which is to whiten the skin. That’s why yam is often associated with white skin and become mandatory whitening mask, either instant or natural. In addition to bleach the skin, yam also has many benefits for the body, such as the following:

 Prevent premature aging
A health expert from the United States, D.Oz, stating that the yam is a very nice fruit to prevent and combat premature aging. This is because the yam has a high content of vitamin C which function as free-radical scavengers (the cause of premature aging). Eating yam given by mouth (as juice) or used as a mask are several ways to get the benefits of yam and cara membuat masker bengkoang.

Lighten skin color
yam contains vitamin B1 and vitamin C work together to nourish the skin and make it look white glow.

cools the skin
yam has a high water content level. In addition, it also has anti-inflammatory properties which cools the skin and relieve the pain from fire due to exposure to sunlight (sunburn). Use jicama as a natural mask with how polished and rubbed his grater is in an area that sunburn.

As described in the above benefits yam, yam benefits is readily available in cosmetics stores, supermarkets or even create your own. Interested to make it? Here’s how:

  • How to make a mask yam:
    Take one piece yam, wash them clean.
  • Curved peel and grate.
  • Squeeze the grated yam, water take juice, put in a small container.
  • Allow the juice of yam to settle to the bottom of the container.
  • Separate the sediment from the water. The precipitate is used as a mask.
  • If the remaining, keep the sediment in the sealed container. It would be better if put in the refrigerator, but not mandatory.
  • If you want to use it again, mix a small amount of water (preferably rose water) into the precipitate.

How to use face masks yam for whiter skin and for eliminating acne scars:
Clean your face with a cleanser that suits your skin type or have the PH balance in accordance with the skin condition. How to Eliminate Acne Quickly Using Natural Ingredients ?.

  • Dry your face with a towel or a clean tissue.
  • After the state of damp face, apply a mask yam evenly over the face.
  • Let stand for 30 minutes or until the mask dries.
  • Lift the mask of the face with a wet towel.
  • Clean your face with clean water.
  • Add to toner rubbed by using a cotton swab to the face.

How to use yam mask for acne prone skin:

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of rice flour for each 1 tablespoon grated yam. Add water to obtain the desired viscosity level. If no water is already felt quite thick, no need to add water.
  • Rinse face with warm water before applying the mask.
  • Apply the mask to the mixture evenly all over the face area.
  • Let stand for 5-10 minutes.
  • Rinse your face with clean water, do not use soap.
  • For maximum results, do this treatment every day until the acne disappeared.

The food is very popular used today to help lose weight is a low-carb diet plan. As the name suggests, the diet is based on consuming more protein and limit Your carbs. In fact, it is advised to only eat carbohydrates while on a diet is found in fruits and vegetables.

While there are 7 scientific benefits follow a diet low in carbohydrates, it is always better to consult your doctor before starting it, especially if you suffer from health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

It really helps you lose weight
The research and the results over the years proves that it’s possible to lose weight while following a diet low in carbohydrates. However, the amount of weight you lose defers between individuals, and depending on how determined and capable you are at eliminating sugar and carbohydrates from your diet.

An increase in blood pressure and sugar levels
With hypertension or high blood pressure to become one of the strongest risk factor for stroke and heart disease, it is important you lower the risk of disease by lowering your blood pressure levels. While pills can help you do this, even following a healthy diet as a low-carb diet plan helps reduce high blood pressure especially in obesity. Baju Model terkini

Similarly, the low-carb diet helps to reduce the levels of glycated hemoglobin and fasting glucose. So if you are diabetic, you enjoy double benefits to lose weight and reduce blood sugar levels by following a low-carb diet plan.

Help increase levels of triglycerides
Triglyceride levels are an important factor in the risk for cardiovascular disease which is associated with high levels of risk factors such as abnormal lipoprotein metabolism, insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes mellitus and low levels of HDL cholesterol. Studies have proven that reducing your intake of carbohydrates helps significantly reduce triglyceride levels.

Increase HDL cholesterol levels
Low HDL cholesterol levels are associated with an increased risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. One of the ways to Incise levels is by limiting the intake of carbohydrates through a low-carb diet plan. Model Rambut Masa Kini

Reducing insulin resistance
People with metabolic syndrome suffer from insulin resistance, which seems to have an association with cardiovascular disease. Research has proven that restrict carbohydrate intake helps lower insulin resistance more by limiting fat intake.

Reducing insulin and C-reactive protein level
High levels of insulin or hyperinsulinemia is a risk factor for coronary heart disease and is associated with insulin resistance. Lower levels of insulin better and maybe through the restriction of carbohydrates.

Help reduce levels of C-reactive protein
C-reactive protein (CRP) is a known marker of inflammation and is measured in the blood. While high sensitivity CRP is associated with increased cardiovascular risk, carbohydrate restriction help lower CRP levels. This proves that low-carb diet plan does help reduce inflammation.

With so many benefits associated with a low-carb diet plan, there is no harm in following the diet. Not only to lose weight, but also to experience remarkable health benefits and thus finally feeling better and healthier!


How to lose weight
How to lose weight

Have an ideal body weight with a proportional form would have been the dream of every good person House of adam or womenfolk. Most people lucky enough because they do have the talent to have a slim body and the type of people are indeed hard-to be plump. On the contrary there are also people from sananya already has the talent of a fat, people like this are difficult for fat. However, the most numerous are those who are in the midst of this kind of people mentioned above, these types of people can be fat and too skinny fit with the pattern of their lives.
Illustration To Lose Weight – Img Wikipedia Commons By Alan Cleaver;
Today this tendency of someone to have a fat body that is very large. It is certainly not regardless of unhealthy lifestyle who lived as well as the demands of the era of instantaneous and fast. Then do not be surprised if fast food is increasingly popular and trend. But according to research experts this fast food is one of the factors in the cause of excess body weight. In addition, snacks or beverages, are likely to favor for being fat. Obviously different with the first era in which snacks made with  cassava. Not only that stress also turns out to be one of the triggers for the increased weight of a person, also read 7 tips how to overcome powerful stress.

Regardless of all of that, of course, everyone wants to have the appearance of the with a beautiful body. There are many ways that can be taken as a step of running a healthy diet tips ranging from mild to severe, ranging from major impact until that just gives a small impact. The key to success in losing weight is actually located on each individual determination. Therefore social support from those closest to it is also very important. The following are tips that you can try at home.


1. Don’t leave the breakfast

Pehaman error in the exercise of this diet program will have a major impact on the success of your diet. Most lay people who do not understand about diet and have a desire to lose weight they tend not to do breakfast. But it was a mistake that quite adverse, impact of breakfast is not slowing down the metabolism of the body which will have an impact on the success of your diet. Therefore keep doing breakfast but with foods rich in fiber, protein, and nutrients, such as vegetables, egg whites, and milk.

2. Start with plain water

How to lose weight in the next IE exploit white water. White water really help the process of weight loss. With many consume water will improve the hydration of the body’s cells that will support the process of metabolism. In the diet should run at least drank plain water as much as 8 glasses a day. In addition white water can also serve as powerful weapons for your program with initiate drinking a glass of water before eating. This will help you reduce your servings to eat because the stomach feel full already in advance.

3. Many Moves or sports

For those of you who have a lot of time certainly could start the program decrease it by doing sports on a regular basis whether it’s jogging, aerobic gymnastics, or a relaxing stroll. But for those of you who do not have the free time to do the exercise you also don’t need to worry as there are other means that can be taken. The way is you have a lot of moves, for example if you are at work that has a lif then could try using stairs, in addition apply to frequent walks in the workplace. It will help burn calories in the body. The point is you have to be a lot of movement and activities that make the body move.

4. Protein Consumption

Protein is one of the supporting substance that diet is highly recommended. Lived had lived apparently proten has an outstanding function that is able to burn fat and suitable as supporting your healthy diet. Protein can be obtained from egg white, in addition can also be of oat meal wheat or cereal. The consumption of protein is highly in demand as your morning breakfast.

5. Eat food rich in fiber

Already an open secret that the fibrous foods is one of the keys to success in the way of your weight loss. Fibrous food consumption is recommended to be consumed during the day or night. Eat high fiber it can be obtained from fruit and vegetables. Fruit for example pears, bananas, papayas, and guava. Vegetables such as broccoli, pumpkin, spinach, turnips, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, red and green vegetables.


7 factors that are associated with weight gain
7 factors that are associated with weight gain

Tired of seeing numbers on scales that indicate that your weight is not down? Before performing the action to lower your weight, it’s good to know what are the factors that make you fat, because doing so could have known what solution is right for your weight loss. “A lot of people thinking that the style of cause is live, but the real thing is the reaction of our body against the factors that we cannot control,” said Robert j. Hedaya, m.d., Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Georgetown University Medical Center, as quoted from health.yahoo.net. “Whether it’s hormonal factors, the side effects of drugs, or other factors,” he said.

Here are 7 factors that are associated with weight gain that you can’t control: cara menghitung berat badan ideal

1. you’re depressed
Depression can be berkolerasi by weight. According to one study in 2010 are published in the American Journal of Public Health found that people who are depressed tend to be experienced significant weight increases. More severe is a depressed person but did not consult or report the problem to the doctor or expert. This could affect their weight goes up faster when compared with those who reported the problem depresinya. People like this possibility due to escape the problem to the uncontrolled feeding activities such as eating foods high in fat, high in calories, or other good food but not healthy.

As for those who have been consulted, usually given anti-depressant drugs despite the drug also has an impact on gaining weight though not significant (2 to 7 pounds, with the gradual accumulation of continuously over the years).

So this depression issue must be overcome. Try socializing with others so that your feelings of depression gradually diminished. Anti depressant is merely ancillary to and not dependency.

2. Side effects of drugs
There is a long list of medications that can cause weight gain. If you are consuming a pill, steroids, hormones, boost beta-blockers for heart disease and blood pressure, drugs seizures, breast cancer drugs such as Tamoxifen, a drug for rheumatoid arthritis, migraine medications and some heartburn, then it could be that the cause of the rising of your weight. Influence of produced medicines can also be different, some may affect your appetite, some may affect metabolism. If you suspect that you are consuming medication affect your weight, try consulting with your doctor who may be able to provide an alternative medicine that doesn’t have certain side effects.

3. Digestive problems
Digestive problems, including bowel movements that do not smoothly can also explains your weight goes up. “Ideally, you eat, and then, an hour later, you have a bowel movement,” said Dr. Hedaya. If you are not so regular bowel movements can so you’re less fiber, dehydrated, or the effects of the medicines you consume. Therefore eat foods rich in fiber and keep your body stay hydrated.

4. The body would be sure not by certain nutrients
Lack of vitamin D, magnesium, iron or can harm the immune system, weakening the energy, or to change your metabolism in a way that is not good. For sufficient iron levels you can eat red meat and spinach, for magnesium can be obtained on the almonds. But for the vitamin D we recommend consulting a physician to get the proper dosage levels or because if too much get vitamin D affects the health of the kidneys.

5. you get older
This condition cannot be avoided. “Often, I hear my patients say that their metabolism slows down,” Said Dr. Fradin-Read. “This is real, aged 40 years and above we don’t burn calories as much as the time in their 20 ‘s. So we need to exercise more and reduce meal to keep the metabolism remains well. Some research suggests that exercise is more important than keeping a weight loss diet with long term.

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Clash of clans cheats history strategies that can be said is not ethical to use the top players Clash of Clans to remain the number 1. We’ll talk about some of the top players like Shady, Jorge Yao, and Mohammed Maher,

1. Shady
Sejarah Kecurangan di Game Clash of Clans

In 2012, Clash of Clans has not sebeken now, town hall there were only up to level 8. Clash of Clans own entrance became famous around January 2013. At that time appeared the first player to be recognized as the No. 1 player, Shady.

In his prime, Shady has a record of the world’s most widely trophy trophy number 3858. There are no indications of fraud at that time because Online Clash of Clans Hack  online cheat is not as famous today.

2. Jorge Yao

Sejarah Kecurangan di Game Clash of Clans

Then came Jorge Yao, the player with an enormous ego. Remember? In a Facebook post farewell, he identifies the retirement of Clash of Clans is equivalent to Michael Jordan’s retirement from the NBA.

In her interview with Supercell, he admits that his success through the numbers 4000 trophy was because he had already made an agreement with fellow clan members and other players to attack only basenya to 40% only. As we know, when the base is only 40% of such damage, the parties will not lose the last trophy but will get a shield for 12 hours. Active Shield means the base can not be attacked. Even Jorge Yao admitted running a 5 iPad with 5 different accounts, all accounts a high level, to attack its own headquarters.

Obviously this is very detrimental way for other players honest. Just imagine, an honest player who level up in an honest hard work will never be able to shift Jorge Yao from position number 1 for shieldnya always active. This is the secret behind his perch in the name of Jorge Yao rank 1 for 6 consecutive months.

3. Dreamzrm

Sejarah Kecurangan di Game Clash of Clans

After Jorge Yao retired, came Dreamzrm. Dreamzrm admitted using a special computer program that serves to touch the screen of his iPad, so he will always be actively playing. The player can only be attacked when they are offline from the game.

Because of this incident, immediately made the patch features Supercell personal break. Personal break prevent players continue to be active for more than 8 hours. This means that after 8 hours, the player will automatically thrown out. But still this is not effective, 8 hours is too long.

4. Mohammed Maher

History of Cheating in Game Clash of Clans

In an interview, Clash of  Lords Hack tool Maher admitted ask others to login with their account and play the game Clash of Clans hers when she slept. Many are confused about how the numbers Maher trophy can remain the same for 3 consecutive weeks.

Based on the recognition of an employee Supercell, many people considered using imod useful hack to disable personal break of Clash of Clans. This means that people can stay online in the game forever.

There are no sources that could confirm that Maher using imod hack. But as soon as Supercell released the patch to prevent this hack, trophy Maher plunged as much as 40 trophies. Do you take your own conclusions on this matter.

The latter will be discussed is the Sandbox mode. Sandbox mode itself can only be used on iOS devices already jailbreak. So what’s the Sandbox? When Sandbox is active, you can choose to attack anyone. More crazy again you can simulate attacks repeatedly to finalize your strategy. Once you’ve found all the pitfalls and weaknesses of the enemy, you stay just attack for the last time and guaranteed you will be able 3 trophy.